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The Salmon Interaction Team is involved in the production of a wide variety of research publications including peer reviewed journal articles and reports.

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A novel adaptive ensemble learning framework for automated Beggiatoa Spp. coverage estimationYanyu Chen, Yunjue Zhou, Mira Park, Son Tran, Scott Hadley, Quan BaiJournal article2024Expert Systems with Applications VIEW
Complexity-functioning relationships differ across different environmental conditionsMariana Mayer-Pinto, Amelia Caley, Antony M. Knights, Laura Airoldi, Melanie J. Bishop, Paul Brooks, Ricardo Coutinho, Tasman Crowe, Paolo Mancuso, Lais P.D. Naval-Xavier, Louise B. Firth, Rafael Menezes, Luciana V.R. de Messano, Rebecca Morris, Donald J. Ross, Joanne X.W. Wong, Peter Steinberg, Elisabeth M.A. StrainJournal article2024Journal of Environmental Management VIEW
Performance of biochemical tools as fish waste particle tracers in a dispersive marine systemD.M. Elvines, M. Smeaton, D.J. Ross, C.A. White, C.K. MacLeod, S.J. Bury, J.C.S. Brown, G.A. HopkinsJournal article2024Ecological indicators VIEW
A global database of dissolved organic matter (DOM) concentration measurements in coastal waters (CoastDOM v1)Lønborg, C., Carreira, C., Abril, G., Agustí, S., Amaral, V., Andersson, A., Arístegui, J., Bhadury, P., Bif, M. B., Borges, A. V., Bouillon, S., Calleja, M. Ll., Cotovicz Jr., L. C., Cozzi, S., Doval, M., Duarte, C. M., Eyre, B., Fichot, C. G., García-Martín, E. E., Garzon-Garcia, A., Giani, M., Gonçalves-Araujo, R., Gruber, R., Hansell, D. A., Hashihama, F., He, D., Holding, J. M., Hunter, W. R., Ibánhez, J. S. P., Ibello, V., Jiang, S., Kim, G., Klun, K., Kowalczuk, P., Kubo, A., Lee, C.-W., Lopes, C. B., Maggioni, F., Magni, P., Marrase, C., Martin, P., McCallister, S. L., McCallum, R., Medeiros, P. M., Morán, X. A. G., Muller-Karger, F. E., Myers-Pigg, A., Norli, M., Oakes, J. M., Osterholz, H., Park, H., Lund Paulsen, M., Rosentreter, J. A., Ross, J. D., Rueda-Roa, D., Santinelli, C., Shen, Y., Teira, E., Tinta, T., Uher, G., Wakita, M., Ward, N., Watanabe, K., Xin, Y., Yamashita, Y., Yang, L., Yeo, J., Yuan, H., Zheng, Q., Álvarez-Salgado, X. A.Journal article2024Earth System Science DataVIEW
From Tasmania to the world: long and strong traditions in seaweed use, research, and developmentCatriona L. Hurd EMAIL logo , Jeffrey T. Wright EMAIL logo , Cayne Layton EMAIL logo , Elisabeth M. A. Strain EMAIL logo , Damon Britton EMAIL logo , Wouter Visch EMAIL logo , Neville Barrett , Scott Bennett , Kim Jye Lee Chang , Graham Edgar , J. Helen Fitton , Dean Greeno , Ian Jameson , Craig R. Johnson , Sam S. Karpiniec , Gerald T. Kraft , Scott D. Ling , Catriona M. Macleod , Ellie R. Paine , Ahyoung Park , J. Craig Sanderson , Matthias Schmid , Fiona J. Scott , Victor Shelamoff , Damien N. Stringer , Masayuki Tatsumi , Camille A. White and Anusuya WillisJournal article2023Botanica Marina VIEW
Composition of Chinook salmon faecal wastes with implications for environmental managementDeanna M. Elvines a, C.K. MacLeod b, D.J. Ross b, A.J.M. Sabadel c d, S.J. Bury c, J.C.S. Brown c, C.A. White bJournal article2023Aquaculture VIEW
Fate and effects of fish farm organic waste in marine systems: Advances in understanding using biochemical approaches with implications for environmental managementDeanna M. Elvines, Catriona K. MacLeod, Donald. J. Ross, Grant A. Hopkins, Camille A. WhiteJournal article2023Reviews in aquaculture VIEW
The Storm Bay Observing System - An evaluation of the sampling parameters and design for assessing the performance of salmon aquaculture"Strain E, White CA, Hartog M, Hortle J, Coutts A, Brasier M, Hadley S, Ross DJReport2023FRDCVIEW
Assessment of the Macquarie Harbour Broadscale Environmental Monitoring Program (BEMP) data from 2011-2020Jeff Ross, David Moreno, Justin Bell, Jorge Mardones & Jason BeardReport2022EPA VIEW
Network and machine learning analyses of estuarine microbial communities along a freshwater-marine mixed gradientDa Silva RRP, White CA, Bowman JP, Bodrossy L, Bissett A, Revil A, Eriksen R, Ross DJJournal Article2022Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf ScienceVIEW
Assessment of conservations actions for the critically endangered spotted handfish (Brachionichthyidae), following curation of data collected by multiple investigators into a long-term time-seriesLynch TP, Green M, Wong LSC, Bessell TJ, Cooper A, Valentine J, Barrett N, Ross DJ, McEnnulty FR, Foster SDJournal Article2022 Journal for Nature ConservationVIEW
Rapid visual assessment of rocky reef assemblages in Port ArthurWhite C, Hartog M, Brasier M, Ross JReport2022IMASVIEW
Marine pollution: emerging issues and challengesStrain E, Lai R, White C, Piarulli S, Leung K, Airoldi L, O'Brien AJournal Article2022Frontiers in Marine Science VIEW
A dynamic nutrient mass balance model for optimizing waste treatment in RAS and associated IMTA systemXintong Qiu, Chris G. Carter, Pollyanna E. Hilder, Scott HadleyJournal article2022Aquaculture VIEW
Composition and functionality of bacterioplankton communities in marine coastal zones adjacent to finfish aquacultureDa Silva RRP, White C, Bowman JP, Ross J. Journal Article2022Marine Pollution BulletinVIEW
Supersizing salmon farms in the coastal zone: A global analysis of changes in farm technology and location from 2005 to 2020 McIntosh P, Barrett LT, Warren-Myers F, Coates A, Macaulay G, Szetey A, Robinson N, White C, Samsing F, Oppedal F, Folkedal O, Klebert P, Dempster TJournal Article2022Aquaculture VIEW
Assessment of the Macquarie Harbour Broadscale Environmental Monitoring Program (BEMP) data from 2011-2020Ross J, Moreno D, Bell J, Mardones J, Beard JReport2022IMAS VIEW
A social license to operate for aquaculture: reflections from TasmaniaAlexander KJournal Article2022Aquaculture VIEW
Environmental influences shaping microbial communities in a low oxygen, highly stratified marine embaymentDa Silva RRP, White CA, Bowman JP, Raes E, Bisset A, Chapman C, Bodrossy L, Ross DJJournal Article2021Aquatic Microbial Biology VIEW
Large-scale salmon farming in Norway impacts the epiphytic community of Laminaria hyperboreaHaugland BT, Armitage CS, Kutti T, Husa V, Skogen MD, Bekkby T, Carvajalino-Fernandez MA, Bannister RJ, White CA, Norderhaug KM, Fredriksen SJournal Article2021Aquaculture Environment Interactions VIEW
Managing ecosystem interactions across differing environments: building flexibility and risk assurance into environmental management strategiesRoss J, Macleod C, White C, Hadley S, Moreno D, Bush F, Barrett NReport2021FRDCVIEW
Statewide Finfish Aquaculture Spatial Planning ExerciseLacharité M, Ross J, Adams V, Bush F, Byers RReport2021IMAS VIEW
A metatranscriptomic analysis of changing dynamics in the plankton communities adjacent to aquaculture leases in southern Tasmania, AustraliaHook SE, White C, Ross DJJournal article2021Marine Genomics VIEW
Habitat complexity affects the structure but not the diversity of sessile communities on tropical coastal infrastructureYin CS, Chai YJ, Ban CC, Evans AJ, Firth LB, Hawkins SJ, Strain EMAJournal article2021Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution VIEW
Spatially variable effects of artifically created physical complexity on subtidal benthosO'Shaughnessy KA, Perkol-Finkel S, Strain EMA, Bishop MJ, Hawkins SJ, Hanley ME, Lunt P, Thompson RC, Hadary T, Shirazi R, Yunnie ALE, Amstutz A, Milliet L , Yong CLX, Firth LBJournal article2021Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution VIEW
Rapid visual assessment surveys on rocky reefs in the Derwent EstuaryWhite C, Brasier MReport2021IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (March 2021)Ross J, Beard J, Wild-Allen K, Andrewartha J, Stehfest K, Durand A, Semmens J, Davey A, Hortle J, Pender A, Quigley B, Macleod C, Moreno DReport2021IMAS VIEW
Assessment of reef condition in the southern D'Entrecasteaux ChannelWhite C, Allister J, Johnson O, Mundy C, Ross J. Report2021IMAS VIEW
A microalga is better than a commercial lipid emulsion at enhancing live feeds for an ornamental marine fish larvaBasford AJ, Mos B, Francis DS, Turchini GM, White CA, Dworjanyn SJournal Article2020Aquaculture VIEW
Seagrass Restoration Is Possible: Insights and Lessons From Australia and New ZealandTan Y M, Dalby O, Kendrick G A, Statton J, Sinclair E A, Fraser M W, Macreadie P I, Gillies C L, Coleman R A, Waycott M, van Dijk K, Vergés A, Ross J D, Campbell M L, Matheson F E, Jackson E L, Irving A D, Govers L L, Connolly R M, McLeod I M, Rasheed M A, Kirkman H, Flindt M R, Lange T, Miller A D, Sherman C D HJournal Article2020Frontiers in Marine Science VIEW
The Storm Bay Observing System Preliminary review of the sampling parameters and design for assessing the performance of salmon aquacultureStrain E, White C, Ross J.Report2020IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (October 2020)Ross J, Beard J, Moreno DReport2020IMAS VIEW
Review and compilation of spatial data in Tasmanian marine waters: A pilot studyNicholson A, Lacharité M, Ross JReport2020IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamis and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report February 2020Ross J, Wild-Allen K, Andrewartha J, Beard J, Moreno D Report2020IMAS VIEW
A global analysis of complexity-biodiversity relationships on marine artificial structuresStrain EM, Steinberg PD, Vozzo M, Johnston EL, Abbiati M, Aguilera MA, Airoldi L, Aguirre JD, Ashton G, Bernardi M, Brooks P, Chan BK, Cheah CB, Chee SY, Coutinho R, Crowe T, Davey A, Firth LB, Fraser C, Hanley ME, Hawkins SJ, Knick KE, Lau ET, Leung KM, McKenzie C, Macleod C, Mafanya S, Mancuso FP, Messano LV, Naval-Xavier LP, Ng TP, O'Shaughnessy KA, Pattrick P, Perkins MJ, Perkol-Finkel S, Porri F, Ross DJ, Ruiz G, Sella I, Seitz R, Shirazi R, Thiel M, Thompson RC, Yee JC, Zabin C, Bishop MJJournal article2020Global Ecology and Biogeography VIEW
Pilot Marine Spatial Assessment tool - Evaluating options for assessing and balancing marine use change within Tasmanian coastal waters using a spatial assessment toolRoss J, Adams V, Villanueva C, Bush FReport2020IMAS VIEW
Biofouling in marine aquaculture: a review of recent research and developmentsBannister J, Sievers M, Bush F, Bloecher N Journal article2019Biofouling VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (July 2019)Ross J, Wild-Allen K, Andrewartha J, Beard J, Moreno D, Macleod C Report2019IMAS VIEW
Terrestrial fatty acids as tracers of finfish aquaculture waste in the marine environmentWhite CA, Woodcock SH, Bannister RJ, Nichols PD Journal article2019Reviews in Aquaculture VIEW
Development and assessment of novel endogenous markers in commercial aquafeeds to measure apparent digestibility in large Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) on salmon farmsWitkowski SJ, Carter CG, Grunenwald M, Hadley S, MacLeod CKA, Townsend AT, Adams LRJournal article2019Aquaculture VIEW
Report from the Global Salmon Conference, Hobart 2017Carter C, Macleod C, Ross J, Gardner C, Fudge M, Bannister J Report2019IMAS VIEW
Conflicts over Marine and Coastal Common Resources: Causes, Governance, and PreventionAlexander KABook 2019Routledge VIEW
Determinants of socially-supported wild-catch fisheries and aquaculture in AustraliaAlexander KA, Abernethy KE Report2019FRDC VIEW
Progress in integrating natural and social science in marine ecosystem-based management researchAlexander KA, Hobday AJ, Cvitanovic C, Ogier E, Nash KL, Cottrell RS, Fleming A, Fudge M, Fulton EA, Frusher S, Kelly R, MacLeod CK, Pecl GT, van Putten I, Vince J, Watson RAJournal article2019Marine and Freshwater Research VIEW
Autonomous adaptation to climate-driven change in marine biodiversity in a global marine hotspotPecl GT, Ogier E, Jennings S, van Putten I, Crawford C, Fogarty H, Frusher S, Hobday AJ, Keane J, Lee E, MacLeod C, Mundy C, Stuart-Smith J, Tracey S Journal article2019Ambio VIEW
A practical framework for implementing and evaluating integrated management of marine activitiesStephenson RL, Hobday AJ, Cvitanovic C, Alexander KA, Begg GA, Bustamante RH, Dunstan PK, Frusher S, Fudge M, Fulton EA, Haward M, Macleod C, McDonald J, Nash KL, Ogier E, Pecl G, Plaganyi EE, van Putten I, Smith T, Ward TMJournal article2019Ocean and Coastal Management VIEW
Reassessment of intertidal macroalgal communities near to and distant from salmon farms and an evaluation of using drones to survey macroalgal distribution.Crawford C, Harwin S Report2018IMAS VIEW
Investigation of broad scale implementation of integrated multitrophic aquaculture using a 3D model of an estuaryHadley S, Wild-Allen K, Johnson C, Macleod C Journal article2018Marine Pollution Bulletin VIEW
MF266 Franklin Lease Recovery AssessmentRoss J, Macleod Creport2018IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (December 2018)Ross J, Wild-Allen K, Andrewartha J, Stehfest K, Macleod C Report2018IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (June 2018)Ross J, Wild-Allen K, Andrewartha J, Macleod CReport2018IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (February 2018)Ross J, Macleod C Report2018IMAS VIEW
Aquaculture-derived trophic subsidy boosts populations of an ecosystem engineerWhite CA, Bannister RJ, Dworjanyn SA, Husa V, Nichols PD, Dempster T Journal article2018Aquaculture Environment Interactions VIEW
Making better decisions: Utilizing qualitative signed digraphs modeling to enhance aquaculture production technology selectionKing AS, Elliott NG, Macleod CK, James MA, Dambacher JM Journal article2018Marine Policy VIEW
Huon Estuary/D'Entrecasteaux Channel nutrient enrichment assessment: Establishing the potential effects of Huon Aquaculture Company P/L nitrogen inputsBell J, Ross J, Mardones J, Wild-Allen K, Macleod C Report2017IMAS VIEW
INFORMD2: Risk-based tools supporting consultation, planning and adaptive management for aquaculture and other multiple-uses of the coastal waters of southern TasmaniaCondie S, Gorton R, Hadley S, Little R, Macleod C, Ogier E, Proctor W, Ross DJ, Sporcic M, Wild-Allen K Report2017CSIRO VIEW
Comparison of three potential methods for accelerating seabed recovery beneath salmon farmsKeeley NB, Macleod CK, Taylor D, Forrest R Journal article2017Aquaculture VIEW
Interim Synopsis of Benthic and Water Column Conditions. Environmental Research in Macquarie HarbourRoss J, Macleod C Report2017IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (September 2017)Ross J, Wild-Allen K, Macleod CReport2017IMAS VIEW
Understanding oxygen dynamics and the importance for benthic recovery in Macquarie Harbour - Progress Report (May 2017)Ross J, Macleod C Report2017IMAS VIEW
Marine currents, nutrients and plankton in the coastal waters of south eastern Tasmania and responses to changing weather patternsSwadling KM, Eriksen RS, Beard JM, Crawford CMReport2017FRDC VIEW
Consumption of aquaculture waste affects the fatty acid metabolism of a benthic invertebrateWhite CA, Bannister RJ, Dworjanyn SA, Husa V, Nichols PD, Kutti T, Dempster T Journal article2017Science of the Total Environment VIEW
Dispersal and assimilation of an aquaculture waste subsidy in a low productivity coastal environmentWhite CA, Nichols PD, Ross DJ, Dempster T Journal article2017Marine Pollution Bulletin VIEW
Movement, habitat utilisation and population status of the endangered Maugean skate and implications for fishing and aquaculture operations in Macquarie HarbourBell J, Lyle J, Semmens J, Awruch C, Moreno D, Currie S, Morash A, Ross J, Barrett N Report2016IMAS VIEW
A Bayesian inference approach to account for multiple sources of uncertainty in a macroalgae based integrated multi-trophic aquaculture modelHadley S, Jones E, Johnson C, Wild-Allen K, Macleod C Journal article2016Environmental modelling and software VIEW
Quantification of the impacts of finfish aquaculture and bioremediation capacity of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture using a 3D estuary modelHadley S, Wild-Allen K, Johnson C, Macleod C Journal article2016Journal of Applied Phycology VIEW
Clarifying the relationship between salmon farm nutrient loads and changes in macroalgal community structure/ distributionMacleod C, Ross DJ, Hadley S, Henriquez L, Barrett N Report2016FRDC VIEW
Chemical pollutants in the marine environment: causes, effects, and challengesMacleod CK, Eriksen RS, Chase Z, Apitz SE Book Chapter2016Oxford University Press VIEW
Submission to the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel Independent Assessment of salmon farming at Okehampton BayMacleod C, Ross DJ, Carter C, Gardner C, Barrett N, Hallegraaf G, Bolch C, Lea MAdvice note2016IMAS VIEW
Investigating Dissolved Oxygen Drawdown in Macquarie HarbourRevill A, Ross J, Thompson A Report2016CSIRO VIEW
Particulate Organic Matter - Source, Composition and Degradation (Objective 2)Ross DJ, Revill AT, Bodrossy L, Nichols PD Report2016IMAS VIEW
Understanding the Ecology of Dorvilleid Polychaetes in Macquarie Harbour: Response of the benthos to organic enrichment from finfish aquacultureRoss J, McCarthy A, Davey A, Pender A, Macleod CReport2016IMAS VIEW
Understanding broad scale impacts of salmonid farming on rocky reef communitiesValentine JP, Jensen M, Ross DJ, Riley S, Ibbott S Report2016FRDC VIEW
Future aquafeeds may compromise reproductive fitness in a marine invertebrateWhite CA, Dworjanyn SA, Nichols PD, Mos B, Dempster T Journal article2016Marine Environmental Research VIEW
Technology selection?the impact of economic risk on decision makingKing AS, Elliott NG, James MA, MacLeod CK, Bjorndal T Journal article2016Aquaculture Economics and Management VIEW
Modeling macroalgae growth and nutrient dynamics for integrated multi-trophic aquacultureHadley S, Wild-Allen K, Johnson C, Macleod C Journal article2015Journal of Applied Phycology VIEW
Benthic recovery and re-impact responses from salmon farm enrichment: Implications for farm managementKeeley NB, Forrest BM, Macleod CK Journal article2015Aquaculture VIEW
An evaluation of the options for the expansion of salmonid aquaculture in Tasmanian watersMacleod C, Kelly B, Hortle M, Hulls J, Main A, Elliott N Report2015IMAS VIEW
Broad-scale impacts of salmon farms on temperate macroalgal assemblages on rocky reefsOh ES, Edgar GJ, Kirkpatrick JB, Stuart-Smith RD, Barrett NS Journal article2015Marine Pollution Bulletin VIEW
Characterising benthic pelagic interactions in Macquarie Harbour - organic matter processing in sediments and the importance for nutrient dynamicsRoss J, Hartstein N, Macleod C Report2015FRDC VIEW
Spatial and temporal dynamics in macrobenthos during recovery from salmon farm induced organic enrichment: When is recovery complete?Keeley NB, Macleod CK, Hopkins GA, Forrest BMJournal article2015Marine Pollution Bulletin VIEW
Submission to the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee Inquiry into Fin-fish Aquaculture in TasMacleod C, Ross DJ, Carter C, Gardner C, Haward M, Ogier E, Crawford C, Lyle J, Semmens J, Battaglene S, Frusher S, Johnson C Advice note2015IMAS VIEW
Assessment of the environmental impacts and sediment remediation potential associated with copper contamination from antifouling paint (and associated recommendations for management)Macleod C, Eriksen R, Simpson S, Davey A, Ross DJ Report2014FRDC VIEW
Quantifying and Predicting Benthic Enrichment: Lessons Learnt from Southern Temperate Aquaculture SystemsKeeley N Thesis2013IMAS VIEW
Predictive depositional modelling (DEPOMOD) of the interactive effect of current flow and resuspension on ecological impacts beneath salmon farmsKeeley NB, Cromey CJ, Goodwin EO, Gibbs MT, Macleod CM Journal article2013Aquaculture Environment Interactions VIEW
Novel observations of benthic enrichment in contrasting flow regimes with implications for marine farm monitoring and managementKeeley NB, Forrest BM, Macleod CK Journal article2013Marine Pollution Bulletin VIEW
Long-term Recovery - Review of sediment condition at Marine Farm lease No. 76 (Gunpowder Jetty), North West BayMacleod C, Eriksen RS, Davey A, Kelly B, Ross DJ Report2013IMAS VIEW
Evaluation of Broadscale Environmental Monitoring Program (BEMP) data from 2009-2012Ross J, Macleod C Report2013IMAS VIEW
Your Marine Values - Public Report 2013 online versionOgier E, Macleod C Report2013IMAS VIEW
Evaluation of Approaches to Improve Sediment Remediation (Rate & function) Under Salmonid Fish CagesEriksen RS, MacLeod C, Ross DJ Report2012IMAS VIEW
Exploiting salmon farm benthic enrichment gradients to evaluate the regional performance of biotic indices and environmental indicatorsKeeley NB, Forrest BM, Crawford C, Macleod CK Journal article2012Ecological Indicators VIEW
Combining best professional judgement and quantile regression splines to improve characterisation of macrofaunal responses to enrichmentKeeley NB, Macleod CK, Forrest BM Journal article2012Ecological Indicators VIEW
Antifoulants in Salmonid Aquaculture: Environmental Considerations for Marine Cage FarmingEriksen R, Macleod C Book Chapter2011Nova Science Pub Inc VIEW
Antibiotics in Salmonid Aquaculture: Environmental Considerations for Marine Cage FarmingMacleod C, Eriksen RS Book Chapter2012Nova Science Pub Inc VIEW
Application of biotic and abiotic indicators for detecting benthic impacts of marine salmonid farming among coastal regions of TasmaniaEdgar GJ, Davey A, Shepherd C Journal article2010Aquaculture VIEW
A new species of Ophryotrocha (Annelida: Dorvilleidae) associated with fish farming at Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania, AustraliaPaxton H, Davey A Journal article2010Zootaxa VIEW
Effects of organic perturbation on marine sediment betaproteobacterial ammonia oxidizers and on benthic nitrogen biogeochemistryBissett A, Cook PLM, MacIeod C, Bowman JP, Burke C Journal article2009Marine Ecology Progress Series VIEW
Predicting and assessing the environmental impact of aquacultureCrawford C, Macleod C Book Chapter2009Woodhead VIEW
Nutrient and Phytoplankton Data from Storm Bay to Support Sustainable Resource PlanningCrawford C, Swadling K, Thompson P, Clementson L, Schroeder T, Wild-Allen K Report2009IMAS VIEW
Broadscale effects of marine salmonid aquaculture and introduced pests on macrobenthos and the sediment environment in Tasmania between 1998 and 2003Edgar G, Davey A, Sheperd C Report2009TAFI VIEW
A review of the ecological impacts of selected antibiotics and antifoulants currently used in the Tasmanian Salmonid Farming industryMacleod C, Eriksen R Report2009TAFI VIEW
Macroalgal assemblages as indicators of the broad-scale impacts of fish farms on temperate reef habitatsOh EThesis2009UTAS VIEW
A whole-of-ecosystem assessment of environmental issues for salmonid aquacultureVolkman JK, Thompson P, Herzfeld M, Wild-Allen K, Blackburn S, Macleod C, Swadling K, Foster S, Bonham P, Holdsworth D, Clementson L, Skerratt U, Rosebrock U, Andrewartha J, Revill A Report2009CSIRORequest
Evaluation of selected alternative approaches for monitoring nutrient enrichment associated with caged marine salmonid aquaculture in TasmaniaMacleod C, Foster S Report2008TAFIRequest
Characterisation of the benthic environment of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and Huon EstuaryMacleod C, Revill A, Volkman J, Holdsworth D Report2008FRDC VIEW
Ecological and functional changes associated with long-term recovery from organic enrichmentMacleod CK, Moltschaniwskyj NA, Crawford CM Journal article2008Marine Ecology Progress Series VIEW
Zooplankton in the Huon Estuary and D'Entrecasteaux Channel: community structure, trophic relationships and role in biogeochemical cyclingSwadling KM, Macleod CK, Foster S, Slotwinski ASReport2008FRDCRequest
Monitoring the Huon Estuary and D'Entrecasteaux Channel for the Environmental Effects of Finfish AquacultureThompson P, Wild-Allen K, Macleod C, Swadling K, Blackburn S, Skerratt J, Volkman J Report2008TAFI VIEW
Biological recovery from organic enrichment: some systems cope better than othersMacleod CK, Moltschaniwskyj NA, Crawford CM, Forbes SE Journal article2007Marine Ecology Progress Series VIEW
Development of broad scale environmental monitoring and baseline surveys in relation to sustainable salmon aquaculture in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel regionCrawford C, Thompson P, Jordan A, Foster S, Mitchell I, Bonham P, Willcox S Report2006TAFIRequest
The Recovery of Benthic Communities Following Organic Enrichment: Examples from Caged Finfish AquacultureMacleod CThesis2006UTAS VIEW
Evaluation of short-term fallowing as a strategy for the management of recurring organic enrichment under salmon cagesMacleod CK, Moltschaniwskyj NA, Crawford CM Journal article2006Marine Pollution Bulletin VIEW
System-wide environmental issues for sustainable salmonid aquacultureVolkman JK, Parslow J, Thompson P, Herzfeld M, Wild-Allen K, Blackburn S, Crawford C, Bonham P, Holdsworth D, Sakov P, Andrewartha JR, Revill AReport2006CSIRO VIEW
Broad Scale Effects of Salmonid Aquaculture on Macrobenthos and the Sediment Environment in southeastern TasmaniaEdgar G, Macleod C, Mawbey RB, Shields DJournal article2005Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology VIEW
Ecological status of the Derwent and Huon EstuariesMacleod C, Helidoniotis F Report2005TAFI VIEW
Baseline monitoring in D'Entrecasteaux ChannelThompson P, Bonham P, Willcox S, Crawford C Report2005CSIRORequest
Development of novel methods for the assessment of sediment condition and determination of management protocols for sustainable finfish cage aquaculture operationsMacleod C, Bissett A, Burke C, Forbes S, Holdsworth D, Nichols P, Revill A, Volkman J Report2004TAFI VIEW
Guide to the assessment of sediment condition at marine finfish farms in TasmaniaMacleod C, Forbes SReport2004TAFI VIEW
Assessment of long term change in sediment condition after organic enrichment: defining recoveryMacleod CK, Crawford CM, Moltschaniwskyj NAJournal article2004Marine Pollution Bulletin VIEW
Environmental management of marine aquaculture in Tasmania, AustraliaCrawford CJournal article2003Aquaculture VIEW
Detection of organic enrichment near finfish net-pens by sediment profile imaging at SCUBA-accessible depthsWildish DJ, Hargrave BT, MacLeod C, Crawford C Journal article2003Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology VIEW
Evaluation of techniques for environmental monitoring of salmon farms in TasmaniaCrawford C, Macleod C, Mitchell I Report2002TAFI VIEW
Evaluation of sediment recovery after removal of finfish cages from Marine Farm Lease No. 76 (Gunpowder jetty), North West BayMacleod C, Mitchell I, Crawford C, Connell RDReport2002TAFI VIEW
Video assessment of environmental impacts of salmon farmsCrawford C, Mitchell IM, Macleod CKA Journal article2001ICES Journal of Marine Science VIEW
Techniques for farm-based assessment of sediment health associated with the commercial culture of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in TasmaniaMacleod CThesis2000UTAS VIEW
Degradation of fish-cage waste in sediments during fallowingMcGhie TK, Crawford CM, Mitchell IM, O'Brien D Journal article2000Aquaculture VIEW
Biofouling of fish-cage netting: Efficacy and problems of in situ cleaningHodson SL, Lewis TE, Burke CM Journal article1997Aquaculture VIEW
In situ quantification of fish-cage fouling by underwater photography and image analysisHodson SL, Burke CM, Lewis TE Journal article1995Biofouling VIEW
Microfouling of Salmon-Cage Netting - a Preliminary InvestigationHodson SL, Burke CJournal article1994Biofouling VIEW
Tracing the influence on sediments of organic waste from a salmonid farm using stable isotope analysisYe L, Ritz DA, Fenton GE, Lewis ME Journal article1991Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology VIEW
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