Our Research

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Our research spans a wide array of scientific disciplines, including ecology, bio-geochemistry, and social sciences, and involves collaborations with local and international organizations.

Our Projects

The Salmon Interactions Team undertake projects as a part of a broader portfolio involving collaboration with various agencies, including the University of Tasmania, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Tasmanian state government, and other research and industry bodies.

The team's work emphasizes a collaborative approach, combining different skills and expertise, to address the complex interactions between aquaculture and the environment.
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Our Publications

The Salmon Interaction Team produces a wide range of research publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles and reports. Their work covers various topics related to salmon aquaculture and its environmental impacts.

These publications are a key aspect of their research efforts, providing insights and findings that contribute to the broader understanding of salmon farming's interactions with marine ecosystems and societal aspects.
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Acknowledgment of Country
We acknowledge the palawa/pakana and Gadigal/Wangal people, the traditional custodians of the land and sea upon which we live and work, and their enduring cultures and knowledge of our oceans and coasts.

We recognise that decisions and practices affecting the future of Indigenous education and research are vital to the self-determination, wellbeing and livelihood of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and to shaping the Australian society in which we live.
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